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Allison Diener

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Allison Diener is an analyst at Invest Capital Group. Her focus is to source and underwrite potential deals and perform in depth due diligence including financial, market, and risk analysis. Additionally, Allison monitors and analyzes historical financial statements, leases, rent comparables, projections, market standards, and key demographic and economic trends to determine projected income and value. She is also assisting with the preparation of investment committee materials.


Allison worked at Argo Real Estate, a New York property management and development company, where she underwrote potential development projects. Prior to this, she interned at Terranova, where she assisted the team analyzing potential deals, and assisted the construction property manager with the project execution.


Allison Diener attended The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan, where she concentrated in Finance. Afterwards, she attained her Masters in Real Estate at The Schack School of Professional Studies at New York University.

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