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Russ Krivor


Russ Krivor developed an interest in real estate at a young age, spending his teenage summers working at his uncle’s construction sites in Chicago. While studying Economics at Northwestern University, he observed an incredible demand for affordable single-family homes in South Florida. He took a break from college at 19 to take advantage of the opportunity and founded his first homebuilding company in 2004.


By the end of 2006, they had built and sold over 200 homes. Russ wanted to transform the firm into a powerhouse for multifamily development-with a focus on upscale suburbs with difficult zoning laws. He opened his first rental community in 2010.


Since then, Russ has developed nearly 5,000 apartments across five markets in the United States. Today, Mr. Krivor’s firm Sovereign Properties has over $250 million in capital under management and constructs and owns multifamily developments throughout the American Southeast. Mr. Krivor is a frequent contributor to Forbes Magazine as a member of the publication’s Real Estate Council.

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